Preventative Maintenance for 2013 Acura RDX - 120K miles

Recently bought a 2013 Acura RDX with 120K miles. Car drives OK and had been Garage kept, just that the owner was stingy and only got Oil changes and Brake pads changed in last 4 years/40,000 miles.

Given the high mileage, I’m getting:

  • Timing belt changed and
  • All 4 fluids replaced (Transmission, Power-Steering, Coolant, Brake).

I want to use this car for long drives and intend to keep it for atleast 3 years.

Wondering what other “Maintenance” work should I get done to make sure I stay safe and avoid expensive future repairs.

Sounds like you have the most important things covered. I’d replace the serpentine belt and water pump and maybe front crank seal plus tensioners when the timing belt is done. Silly not to if they are original. Add a new cabin air filter if the car has one.

Clean the drain holes all around the car including the AC condensate drain. Make sure the tires are not too old, although with 40K in 4 years, they are likely 4 years old or less.

The best you can do beyond this is to keep up on maintenance. As mileage goes up, cars tend not to die… people kill them with neglect. Should be good for another 120K miles, easy. Enjoy!


Awesome – Thanks for prompt advise. ~!

I forgot to mention, I’m getting a new battery as well.

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Don’t change the coolant until you get the timing belt replaced. You should have the water pump replaced at the same time, and the coolant has to be drained. No sense in draining it twice. If I owned your car, I’d do the timing belt first. The interval for my Accord V6 was to replace the belt after 7 years or 108,000 miles, whichever came first. Yours is probably similar, and it’s in the owner’s manual. Might as well get a new serpentine belt at the same time too.


What should I get done to make sure Struts/Shocks/Suspensions are fine and taken care of ??

Check the bushings to see if they are damaged. Look at the struts/shocks to see if there are any leaks. Evaluate the mounts to insure that they are not corroded. Make sure the suspension components are not bent.

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check if spark plugs are due for replacement, 120K miles seem to be around time

engine air filter?


Thanks @VOLVO_V70, Yeah the Oil and Oil filter was changed every 3-4k, and I just got a Valvoline Oil and filter change done, so I think that should be ok.

I’m also planning to add “Seafoam High Mileage Motor Treatment” to Oil and Fuel tanks.

Thanks @jtsanders !

Thanks @thegreendrag0n – I got the Air and Cabin filtered ordered on Amazon - will be replacing it over the weekend.

My mechanic actually quoted me $250 to change Spark Plugs - hence I’m just holding off on getting the spark plugs done.

There is no actual preventive maintenance for those components.
All you can do to preserve their life is to avoid hitting potholes and curbs, keep your tire pressure at
(or slightly above) the PSI specified on the vehicle’s door jamb, and have the wheels aligned when necessary. Do NOT inflate the tires to the maximum pressure that is listed on the tire sidewall.