2010 Acura Clutch Issues

I have a 2010 Acura TL AWD 6 Speed with 8000 miles on it. While coming off the highway the clutch went. The dealership said they are doing me a favor and will replace it this time?? I have been driving stick shift vehicles for some time and I babied this new TL. Does anyone have any info that could help me with a answer.

Doing you a favor??? Uh…isn’t the drivetrain still under warranty?

A clutch, just like brakes, is considered a wear and tear item and is not normally a warrantable item UNLESS there is a premature failure of something that is not related to normal wear and tear.
Examples of non-wear failures could be failed clutch hydraulics, pressure plate with a broken finger or spring, center hub spun out of the clutch disc, etc.

If the clutch was fine up to the point it just went out then it’s quite possible this should be a warranty issue without question.
Make sure that you get paperwork on this repair with the exact reason for the clutch failure and what was done to repair it. This could come in handy later in case a problem develops and you have to bring corporate offices into it.

That’s about the best advice I can give without knowing exactly why the clutch failed and hope it helps.

Wow, And You Could Take That ?

I don’t know a 2010 Acura TL from a bale of hay (never saw one), but if I had one, and I babied it, and the clutch blew at 8,000 miles, and some jack-ass told me that, that would really urinatemeoff !

Let us know what they find. Oh, and be sure and ask if the new clutch is covered under the entire new car warranty period. You may as well have that discussion while its fresh in your mind.


You never saw a bale of hay? Where’ve you been all your life? :wink:

OP: What exactly do you mean when you say the clutch went out? It suddenly stopped working? In what way?

Ask to see the failed parts before they toss them, and ask them to explain what caused the failure, and if there is anything that you can do to prevent it from happening again.

My gf is in her mid 40’s, and has been driving only manual transmission vehicles since she was 18. Never had one fail on her. Earlier this year, her 1 year old Chrysler Crossfire had its clutch fail. We took it into the shop, and they replaced it under warranty.

Turned out the pressure plate was weak from the factory, and it glazed the friction material, and put hot spots on the flywheel. Everything had to be replaced, at great expense to Chrysler, since they are all Mercedes parts for that car.

In fact, the car drives better now than it did before, and she bought the car with only 700 miles on it.