Neon in a Neon?

What is that orange (neon?) light (looks factory installed) just underneath the lower dash plastic trim panel under the steering wheel of a 96 Plymouth Neon? Seems to be live all the time. You can just see a sliver of light from it in the crack between the upper and lower dash panels. I had found no owners manual I could look at for purpose of this light.

Here are pics of the lamp

Perhaps illumination for what looks to be a wayward cigarette lighter or switch of some kind?

KiwiMe-well, the lighter is at the lower right corner of the stereo console. And I don’t see it illuminating any switches or switch pilot light lenses unless there is one of those optical cables carrying light up to those 2 switches above the light. That would be a odd way for illumination of switches, though. This isn’t my car, it’s my granddaughters, who was visiting from out of town last week and I did some work under her dash. Didn’t have time then to check into the light issue. Thanks for your reply.

That is a low budget courtesy light intended to shine through the instrument panel gaps to illuminate the ignition lock cylinder (switch).

Nevada has it right (again). It’s part of the factory-installed light package. The lamp illuminates the ignition switch to help you insert the key at night.

Thanks, Nevada and SteveF. My mystery is solved. And I’m wondering is that in fact a neon bulb?

No, it is a low-wattage incandescent. I once replaced one.

Thanks, SteveF