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Dodge neon konk out while cruising

2003 dodge Neon died while cruising,all electricity suddenly off -no dashlites or emergency lites. Restarted after 20 minutes. Drove 6 mi home.die again, but restarted at once. -same no electricity symtom.

I suspect the Ignition switch behind the key. How to get it out? I managed only to unplugged the harness from it

I doubt it is the switch. The emergency lights, or hazards, are not connected through the ignition switch. They get power right through the fuse box from the battery. I’d check the master fuse and the condition of the fusible links. The fusible links protect the entire electrical system, and are generally found at the alternator and the connection to the fuse box.

And to add to Busted list, check the connections of both ends of each battery cable.