Needing help figuring out some parts names, and where I may find them

We recently had a snow storm here in Tulsa, and my car is scraping the ground really bad … well a few years ago the problem was too much rain, and some high water caught the plastic under my car and tore it free from the body, so being kind of handy and not wanting to get it replaced, I just tried to put as much back as possible … well the snow just ripped it all free and there is no real way to save it! I though that it was bad enough loosing the stuff on the bottom … well driving on the highway, I heard something rip free, and after seeing a trail of plastic on the highway, I am now missing the plastic that surrounds the two from wheels and the underside of the car, and my dad will not allow me to take it to the dealers, but wants me to find parts, and I have no idea where to go, or what to even call them

The only thing I can think of is that you ripped off your belly pan and also your oil access door. It’s common to see a subaru with a missing oil access door. You can ask a local mechanic to put it up on a lift and throw him/her a few bucks for his/her time. Then I would search or your local junkyards to see if they have the parts. Hope this helps, Steve.

go to the parts dept of your dealership and ask them for the information…splash guard

It sounds like you lost the front plastic air dam that runs along the bottom of front bumper, the plastic engine/transaxle shields that run under the front of the car, and the inner wheel well linings.

Depending on the year of the vehicle, these parts can be obtained from an auto parts recycling establishment (junk yard).


“auto parts recycling establishment (junk yard)”.

I prefer call these establishment, a Parts Garden.

When I go to these places I like to think of it as a treasure hunt.