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2011 Mitsubishi Lancer needs replacement plastic shield

Where can I buy the bottom plastic shield that covers the engine oil filter/ oil drain plug? Mine fell out recently… I live in Canada. Any answers would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

I can only speak for myself but I would not replace it . Anew one might be a dealer only item and anything from a salvage yard might not last very long. You might ask a local body shop if they can get one.

The Mitsubishi dealer sell this part. You might also find one on and other places if that part is available from aftermarket sources.

Thanks for the reply guys!
So I’m a little worried because winters are harsher up here in Canada and I use a Nylon based ring for the oil drain plug. I’m afraid that not replacing the shield could cause the ring to be exposed to the elements and crack.
I’ll try a scrapyard but do you know what they are commonly called as a reference so I can search on Rockauto?
Thanks again!

I vote scrap yard. If you can’t find a good one go new.

Don’t worry about the nylon drain plug gasket. It can handle winter and the missing under-tray, belly pan, ect will not protect it from much. The part goes by more names than I can even think beyond under-tray and belly pan. There is no standard name for it. IF you can find it in a wreckers, it will likely need new fasteners to secure it. Some cars have special ones for easy access.