Need Wiring Schmatics For The Reverse Sensing System

Does anyone have the wiring schmatics for the reverse sensing system (RSS) for a 2001 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer with the 5.4 liter engine, AWD. I’m having problems with my RSS. When it is in park I can turn it on but as soon as I put it in reverse it turns off. Owners manuel says you should be able to turn the RSS off and on when it is in reverse. I can not get it to turn on when it is in reverse. I think there may be a short some where in the system and would like to check it. I do have a Haynes manuel with wiring schmatics but it does not show the RSS. Thanks for any help!

You may need a factory service manual for this problem. You can order info from Also check Ebay for used and new manuals.

Thanks Cougar for the reply. I knew that I could get it from the factory manuel I was just hoping that someone on here might already have it.

Does anyone have this Schmatics? Again Thanks

The RSS is an option and that’s likely why it isn’t shown in the Haynes manual.

Sorry, no schematic either.

Starting to sound like I’m going to have to buy the factory service manuel if no one has one. Think I might call my local dealer and see if I can sweet talk them in giving me the schmatics.

You’re welcome for the help.

I feel investing in a factory service manual is one of the best things you can get for your car if you are the type of person that likes to work on it yourself. Look at it like this, if the manual saves you from a couple hours of shop repair time then it has paid for itself. As the vehicle gets older you will have more things that need to be worked on and a factory manual is the best resource guide to have on hand to fix these things. It not only saves you money but repair time also. If you order a manual now you will be ready for the next problem when it comes.

I agree on the need to having the service manuels. My problem is that I’m on a limited income and don’t have the money for it. :frowning:

I looked on Ebay and they have one set for $100.00 for both manuels.

I’m now trying to see, by emailing the seller, if the repair CD’s that Ebay has covers this system. It’s only about $15.00. With it being an option I’m going to guess that they don’t.

Perhaps, you can go to, or another automotive web site for the diagrams from your local public library. From home, a one month subscription to alldata for a particular model is $14.99. Also, try;; For manuals, try:

Thanks Hellokit for the info. Ive looked at both Alldata and Ahdol about joining them but don’t due to this system being an option on this truck and not knowing if these sites would cover it I’ve not joined. I would hate to join it and not have the info I need.

I’ve also did a web search and have looked at several sites with no luck.

I will look at the other sites you mentioned and also will check with my local library. Thanks again!

I tried the following websites that was suggested:;; had several websites that would sell a repair manuel but as stated earlier I don’t want to but another manuel not knowing if it covered the RSS system. I did find this site there:

I may join if I can come up with the money and no one else can help. I think is “Designed to simplify installation of car alarms, remote starters, audio, video, and other aftermarket electrical systems” I was unable to access or qualified to sign up for.

Thanks anyways!

but = buy