98 E.B. Expedition stab. suspen. prob

Howdy ya’ll!

I’m trying to help a friend of mine.

He and his wife bought a 1998 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer edition with 4WD and a stabilizer suspension. This rig has 280,000 miles on it. They are getting ready to move back to Wisconsin from Kansas. I’m sure they bought it to haul all their stuff back home.

Well, I noticed their rear-end was REALLY high! My and another guy were looking at it and he thought there should be a relief valve. I told him that if it’s factory I don’t think it has a valve like air shocks do.

He’s tried to reset it and shut off the switch under passenger side kick panel. doesn’t work. I forgot to ask him how he gets it down, but he’s told me that he’ll come out the next morning and it’s WAAYYY up again. It looks terrible. He’s says it rides so rough.

I’ve seen many a Ford and Lincoln with this problem BUT, they’re usually on the ground and riding rough! Why is he the exact opposite?

To be honest, I know nothing of these suspensions and my book says NOTHING on it. Just how it works and how to remove it.

What could be the problem and how can I help him?

He also would like to know if he can just yank it out and put in a regular coil-over suspension like my '99 Expedition.

HELP! WISCONSIN OR BUST!! :slight_smile:

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