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Ford Explorer 98 ECM/Transmission Woes! Help!

Recently bought a 98 Explorer XLT, auto, 4.0L V6. Tranny trouble surfaced, and we had it completely rebuilt. Car has been in shop for over a month as mechanics can’t figure out why won’t shift right. Traced signals to the ECM which apparently doesn’t work. They say they “think” it’s ECM, but can’t be sure. I hate to spend another $600 if that won’t fix it. I’m beginning to wonder if they know what to do. Anybody had experience with this? Thanks. Skip.

Well, you really havn’t told us much. What do you mean by not shifting right?? What exactly is it doing, or not doing?? Whatever its doing now was it doing before the rebuild or is this something new??


Hey, Transman. Well, before the shop, it was taking a long time to shift into 3rd gear, slipping in between. Chain shop said it was bad, bad codes, etc. One problem is I haven’t been able to drive it since the tranny rebuild, as it has been in the shop (tranny shop but not a chain) all this time. Mechanic says it isn’t shifting right all the time. Speedo works sometimes, sometimes does not. First they suspected speed sensor wasn’t working right, then decided it was OK and suspected the ABS module. ABS module is OK now, they say. Now they have signals from there to the ECM OK, but think ECM may be bad. Should I take this thing to the ($$$) dealers? It’s now in a tranny shop (not a chain) but they have limited experience with the electronic stuff. That’s all I know right now. I used to be a good mechanic but since all this computerization, I am baffled and am trying to make sense of it. Wishing we had just bought a 1970-something pickup like i used to run. Thanks!