Need transmission 2nd opinion

Vehicle: 2001 Chevy Silverado 2500HD extended cab, long bed, 4x4, v-8, automatic transmission.

So I have the cruise control set at 65 and and a soda in my hand which I place back in the cup holder and when I raise my hand back to the wheel and I hit the gear selector and it goes back into reverse. No smoke, no grinding, actually no noise at all. I move the selector quickly back to drive and all is well. I pull in to get gas and check if all is and it seems so. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and drive all work as does the 4x4 but I neglect to check reverse. So forward on I roll. Eventually I need to reverse and NOTHING. I proceed on to a major transmission repair chain and they made me cry just a little a bit I think.Told my wife it was allergies. Seems I need a new whole transmission. But while the manager is saying this the tech behind him is rolling his eyes and slowly shaking his head in universal understood “NO” head movement. So I had my suspicions anyway and when I saw the tech I slowly backed out with my hand on my pocket keeping the wallet inside safe.

So hopfully I’ll get some good experienced advice on what I should do and what I should expect as far as repair and cost goes.

Thanks Alot

Why can’t you just go back there and talk to the tech? I mean technically maybe you’re not supposed go in the shop area, but they’re not going to shoot you are they? I work at a dealership and sometimes people come in and talk to me or another tech. The bosses don’t mind as long as you don’t hang out for a real long time. Did you have to pay for what they’ve done so far? If so, perhaps the technician’s name is

on the reciept, and you could call and ask for the tech. Just say something like, “Hey, I just want to talk to ______ for a moment. I won’t take up to much time.” Something like that. Keep an eye on this post cause there are some really sharp transmission specialists that post here.

Personally, I like to eliminate the humans as much as possible. When I had a transmission problem I went around asking questions and all their answers were wrong. I bought an ASTG manual and learned to rebuild them myself. There is quite a group of people who do and they post on more specific sites. It is unlikely you want to rebuild the transmission yourself. The real problem is remove and install are the the big labor items and no shop just wants to do just a repair and guarantee it. You are stuck with getting a total rebuild or finding a backyard guy with no guarantee.

Its not supposed to do that but I have seen it before… Either way, you still have no reverse. Reverse is seldom fixable while the transmission is still in the vehicle. Basicly, if your fluid level is good and your linkage is adjusted right you can pretty much count on removing and disassembling the transmission. Sorry, but from my end it looks like it needs to come apart.