2001Ford expedition will not start

So, this has been a fun experience. Went out to start my 2001Ford Expedition E.B. ed. the other day, everything comes on as normal, except the darn thing won’t turn over. Turn the key all the way and not even a sound from it. No crank, though the electrics cut like it’s trying to as it usually does. So we(my dad and I) went through the usual suspects.

I’ve changed the battery, replaced solenoid, replaced neutral safety switch(I was in some railroad maintenance roads the previous day for work and we were thinking I might have damaged it as a cause), checked the fuel pump shutoff, tested multiple wires, obd isn’t thowing anything, and all my fuses were checked and tested good. Well all except the one we broke for the rear defroster, but I figure that’s not going to be the problem.

Now, I can start the truck by engaging the key, popping the hood and bridging my solenoid contacts, basically doing a redneck hotwire start, and it runs properly. I just can’t get the sucker to start from the key. Everything else engages and turns on like normal with the key, just no start. If I don’t have any other ideas for what it could be, I’m going to the shop, and that’s something I don’t like to do if I can fix it myself.

So any ideas?

Have you checked the starter relay in the fuse box?

The solenoid on the firewall gets its signal from a relay in the fuse box underhood. If that relay is bad… no start. It is just a 4 pin plug-in relay.

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Starter works. But no voltage at solenoid with key on? So, go up the line.

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My fuse and relay chart doesn’t list a relay like that in it. If you can be more specific on which fuse or relay in the under hood box, that would be great.

I do get voltage from the ignition to the main firewall relay as we tested the wire connection using a multimeter. Reads a .03 at rest with a jump to .10 when the key is turned.

I also replaced the 15 amp starter relay fuse in the internal fuse box in the cab, no change there.

At this point, the only thing I can think of is there may be a break in the wiring at some point between the ignition and the solenoid that prevents enough power from tripping the solenoid. And if it’s wiring, that’s definitely a shop task not a me task.

That is not nearly enough voltage to pull in the solenoid… but you knew that.

I did a google search on “2001 ford expedition starter relay” and looked in images. There was a relay diagram that came up. Do that.

I think you can confirm by having someone turn the key and feeling for a click on the relay top. My guess is it is pulling in but the contacts are burned.

I’ll give that a try, maybe my diagram doesn’t have it labeled for some reason.

you should have it in your owners manual.(fuses and relay locations)

Ford Expedition (1997-2002) Fuse Diagram • FuseCheck.com

We spent half a year tracing electronics and troubleshooting issues and tearing things apart. So long that I forgot all about this post.

All was in vain, and eventually had a shop take a look. Less than 10 minutes to come up with the answer.

Some moronic previous owner decided to wire a starter kill switch under the driver’s seat, a pressure switch that was unsecured next to the seat adjustment rail. I had moved my seat back and pressed the switch without knowing. Fml

Pressed it and it started right up.