Need suggestions and ideas

hello all,
I am Hazel and I am a truck driver, here for some suggestions about a well-experienced truck repairing company here in Houston as I am facing some problems with breaks I have been repairing it from many shops but results are not satisfying so please suggest me some good repairing shops.
sorry for asking about trucks in a car community.

A 30 minute break is required after driving 8 hours, sorry, couldn’t help myself.

But for brakes, I would think your dispatcher/broker would have somebody in the Houston area they would recommend.


what kind of brake issues are you having?

and what kind of truck? Year/Make?model?

what kind of brakes? Air/Hydraluic?

It would be expensive, but about all I could suggest is a dealership for your truck. You can ask other truckers at a truck stop or two for mechanic/shop opinions, but you likely won’t get specific suggestions here. HaevyDuty just isn’t well represented here. :slight_smile:

That seems the common-sense solution. Ask other folks who’ve prior likely had to solve this problem themselves. One time I rented a truck and it developed a problem, and the staff at the truck-rental company (Penske I think) told me which was the best shop for truck-repair in the area. So that’s another idea, ask a truck-rental company who they use for truck repairs.

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What kind of Truck? Pickup or Class 8 or something in between?