Help. truck problems

I need help. Our truck had a bad problem of dying while we would drive it, mainly if we had to stay stopped for very long or went over a certain speed. Now it won’t even start. We took it to a mechanic 3 different times to get fixed but they never actually fixed anything & charged us anyway. The truck has a new battery.


We are going to need some more info to help you figure this out:

What kind of truck? What year? What make? What model? What engine is in it? How many miles?

beyond that:
Is this the same problem you took it to the mechanic all 3 times for? Was it the same mechanic all 3 times? What did the mechanic report to you, along with not fixing this? Did they fix/change/replace anything or give any advice?

What happens when you turn the key to start? Nothing? Clicking noise? Engine cranks but won’t fire? Engine fires, but stalls right out?
What speed does the engine stall out on? Is it consistent?