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2005 Acura MDX - looking for radio and navigation system code

How can I find the code number for my radio and navigation system?

Contact Honda. I suggest the dealer can help if you bring proof of identity and ownership of the car.

Also, look in your owners manual, it may be written in.

My daughters CRV radio code is in the service manual

Ok thx I’ll check it out

Thanks for the info. I’ll look into that

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You should be able to get the serial number by pressing the radio power button and the radio preset buttons one and six. Additionally, may times a small white sticker will be on the side of the glovebox or in a door jamb.

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It should be on a credit card sized piece of paper in the owner’s manual folder.

Yeah that’s what I’m thinking ours was so check all the papers with the manual. The first thing I did though was write it in the owner’s manual and also in my maintenance log book so I’d have it no matter what. So the previous owner may have done that. Shame on the cleaners if they threw out all the info.

Right, ok I’ll check the manual. Thx

Was any service ever done at the dealer? If so, the code might be printed at the top of your receipt. That was the case for my 2005 MDX.