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Need help

My brake lights and reverse lights do not come on, but all other lights do. Is this a serious problem? And how expensive is it?

1st think to check is for a blown fuse. Find the fuse box, often somewhere behind a panel in the lower part of the dashboard. An owner’s manual will help you find the fuse box and identify which fuse controls circuit.

It might be as simple as a wiring connector in the trunk that has pulled loose. You should at least inspect the trunk before heading to the shop.

This ought not to be an expensive repair. You may pay a mechanic for about 1/2 hour of labor and little or nothing for parts.

Thanx. I changed the fuse and it still won’t work. However, I think there was a dislodged wiring in the back. The brake light above back liftgate fell off and so that might be the problem. But can I fix it myself?

Yes. As I said earlier, inspect the wiring. If you can see anything amiss you can fix it yourself. It ought to be real simple. Or maybe you have a neighbor with more confidence who will pitch in. At least give it a try.

It would have been good if you had mentioned that and told us what kind of car.

Sorry guys, I should have said what car it was. It’s a 2007 Chevy Equinox.

Hi guys it me again, so i got the lights to turn on but it wont turn back off.

I don’t know how the master brake cylinder turns on the lights on new cars but on older cars the lights would not turn off if pressure was not released.

Call a mechanic.
You don’t seem to have the needed expertise in resolving wiring issues, so take it to your mechanic so that they can look it over, and give you a price quote.