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Ford Fiesta brake & reverse lights not functioning

I just purchased a Ford Fiesta 2006 mk5 with 160k km odo.
I knew there were fixes to make, but all seemed minor. I’ve fixed all of them except one thing: I can’t get the brake lights and reverse lights to work. When I bought it I assumed it just needed new bulbs or maximum change a fuse, but I’ve changed all bulbs and checked the fuse. I detached the brake switch over the brake pedal to see if it was broken but can’t see if it is.

Here’s what I know:
All bulbs are fine and should be working.
The fuses are fine.
The normal back lights are working and the rest of the lightning as well, it’s only the brake/stop lights and the reverse lights that are malfunctioning.

Like I wrote above, I’ve checked the brake switch but that wouldn’t explain the reverse lights.
When I open the light where all the rear lights are located there’s some dirt and damp close to the wires but all the wires are enclosed, so they shouldn’t be harmed by that.

I appreciate all help you can give me.

Thanks in advance
Tom S

The reverse lights might not be working because the transmission range switch is faulty.

This switch not only prevents the engine from starting unless the transmission is in park/neutral, and it informs the computer what gear is selected, it also turns on the reverse lights.

Brake lights?

Unplug the brake light switch above the brake pedal, and insert a jumper wire in the electrical connector to the switch to see if the brake lights come.

If they do, replace the switch.


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Thanks for your response

My car is a manual, but will probably have a switch for the reverse lights as well. I will look into that.

I have an update:
The upper break light over the windshield works. I also changed the bulbs of the main rear light that also functions as a break light, which also works now.
So it’s not the break switch.

So, the lower break lights and the reverse lights are not working on either side.

Do you think I’m looking at a wire-issue?

If the upper brake light is working, the brake light switch is ok. It must be some corrosion on the places where the bulbs make contact to the fixture, or the ground wire to the chassis has broken or is corroded. The ground problem could affect the backup lights too. Look for a wire that is connected to the brake light fixtures, follow it to wher eit connects to the chassis. This is usually located inside the truck area on sedans . Corrosion where the bulb’s are inserted can sometime be fixed by rubbing the area with a pencil eraser.