Chevy Brake Light

My brake lights are the only lights not working. Ive changed circuit boards, bulbs, brake switch and im at a loss. Could it be the main control switch (or turn signal switch)?

It’s a wiring problem, or the brake switch isn’t adjusted correctly. Multimeter. Wiring diagram. Haynes or Chiton’s.

I would bet on the brake light switch.

some questions.

are the lights on, or off?

do you have the blinker lights that are a different color (amber) in addition to the brake lights? (this would solve the flasher relay dilemma)

have you been in a rear end collision? or has this been happening with no other cause? have you been in the trunk lately (flat, spare tire, steam cleaning carpet?)

and what brake switch are ou talking about that you changed?

Lights on or off the brake lights dont work…all lights are the same color in the rear…and no rear end collision

The brake light switch I changed out was the one next to the pedal under the dash

The brake light switch may have a bad ground connection. What is the new one grounded to?