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Need help

looking at mitsubishi lancer gts and want to turbo it after i’ve paid it all of instead of getting the ralliart, just wanting to know how many hp a turbo will give me and anything else i would have to do to it when i turbo it, as well as anyhing i could do to give it better performance. wanting to have about 220-50 hp. and how would that handle in canadian winter.

oh and whats the difference between the 2009 lancer gts and the 2010

When you add a turbo you add more air to the engine. So you either have to reprogram the computer to add more fuel under boost to compensate for this extra air. And if the injectors can’t provide the extra fuel after reprograming you replace the injectors.

Shall we keep going?


I think you want a site that is frequented by “tuners”. Adding a turbo to a normally aspirated car is loaded with problems and takes a lot of money and time to sort out. It is not a practical or cost effective addition to the base car.

The turbo won’t help you at all as far as driving in snowy conditions. It will make power application “touchy” as turbos come on power abruptly, even more so with aftermarket non-factory turbos. In effect, you’ll just be spinning your wheels.

If you have lots of money, don’t mind your car being down and out of service while you tinker with it, and you have someone with experience to help you mechanically; the turbo might just work out.