Advice for 2015 Lancer SE

Hey guys.
My boyfriend recently got a 2015 lancer SE and he is looking to mod it but we aren’t sure if it’s a good idea or what we can really do with it. He wants a cold air-intake and I think a turbo and other inside parts and cosmetic stuff. Any advice would be great.

Granted I’m not a “car guy” or a mechanic but my advice would be to leave it alone. The Lancer isn’t any more “sporty” than my Corolla, meaning not at all. If the car has the CVT automatic transmission it’s pretty much going to be a dog no matter what.


If you want a Turbo you’re probably going to be happier in the long run just switching this car for a Ralliart which already comes Turbocharged from the factory. Otherwise a cold air kit won’t hurt anything but I don’t know how much difference it will make.


Lets see , a Cold Air intake can add 3 to 4 horsepower but if it requires oil on the filter it can mess with the engine sensors . I say it is for looks only and with the hood closed who is going to see it. As for a Turbo Kit you are looking at a 1000.00 plus and labor to install . And possibly a reflash after the install .

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More than a cold air kit could be more power than the transmission’s really designed to handle. Switching to a Ralliart if he want’s the power would also come with a dual clutch transmission that’s shared with the EVO. Then you can do the inside stuff to that car. or just leave the SE mostly stock and make it look the way you want.

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Yeah he wants to do a lot of inside stuff to it but he has looked at trying to get it done and he has told me that he wouldn’t be able to do some of the stuff because it could blow the transmission? I’m not sure where he saw that stuff from and I’m not a car expert on lancers but he said with the SE he can’t do any of the stuff that he wanted to do if he got the Evo or the GTS.?

A cold air kit, cat back exhaust and other equally worthless add-ons are only going to do the following…
Not harm the transmission.
Deplete the bank account.
Will not make one bit of noticeable horsepower.
Create disappointment.


That’s true, but a loud exhaust will make him think that the engine has become more powerful.
As the old saying tells us, “Perception is reality”… even if what someone perceives isn’t really taking place.

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I apologize if I came across as a bit too critical of this situation but there is a reason for my thinking.

From the way it was worded this sounds like a “need a car now so hurry up and snag one”. Rushing into a used car deal and especially without an pre-purchase inspection can easily lead to some frustration when things go wrong.

One thing not stated was how many miles are on the car and as is the case with most used cars the ownership and maintenance history may be murky at best or non-existent.

My daughter has owned 3 Mitsubishis. Her first car was an early Eclipse and it was a fantastic little car. The next Eclipse not so much and the Galant was a garden slug. She almost bought a new Lancer and wanted my opinion of it. In a word…underwhelmed.

just get a bumper sticker saying… “This is a EVO in Disguise.” or 'My other car is a EVO"


Yes, a bumper sticker plus the stick-on plastic badge (available at Walmart, I think) that says “turbo”. I find it especially amusing to see that badge on old Hyundai Accents that have a hard time accelerating to expressway speed.

Just stick a turbo badge on any old dog and you’re sure to fool everyone into thinking that you have a stealth performance car.


A few weeks ago I saw some young man (for the second time) in an older white Mazda 3 sedan. On each side of the front fenders he had added Hellcat badges.

Another guy about 10 years ago had added a hood scoop resembling the one on a Hemi Cuda to a Mitsubishi Galant. He even added the Hemi badges to the scoop.

I’m all for car mods and the more twisted the better but not to the point of being laughable.


Apparently it was a kit made by some company but a guy had a later Toyota Tercel Coupe with a replica BMW 3 series body kit. Might have fooled you if you tell that it was too short, with a tunnel ram hood more appropriate on a '69 Camaro where the scoop was just welded onto the flat hood. Alpina Badges galore and the last time I saw it the car gained a shark fin antenna and a carbon fiber wrap to the roof.