Need help

i got a 95 jetta and right now the front left tire feels like its rubbing and when i turn sharp while going slow it makes an awful metal on metal sound and ideas?

First, check to see if the plastic fender liner might be rubbing on the tire. Sometimes the liner will become detached and come into contact with the tire, especially if the wheel is turned sharply.

If you can rule out the fender liner, then a bad CV joint is a real possibility. If the CV joints on this 14 year old car are the originals, then I would not be at all surprised if one–or both–are ready for replacement.

i will get right on checking that thanks a bunch!

could be a bad wheel bearing (inner, outer or both), bad (stuck)brake caliper, loose wheel well trim,or the CV joints.

when was brake job done last? new tires recently? larger size???

any other work done recently?

ive had three wheel replaced fairly recent both front one back, and i had new pads and rotors last agust, and a new caliper in the back in december

i would suspect the brake caliper needs looking into. possible it was not reinstalled correctly, and has gotten loose.

do yo have a trusted mechanic to look at this for you?

Why did you need the three wheels replaced?

well the front two because they were worn down and the back one because i out a hole in it

yes i do and after all this i did some looking and still didnt see any thing but it turns out its the wheel baring. go figure… but thanks to all of you its much appreciated

I am hoping that you meant to tell us that you replaced three TIRES as a result of wear or a hole.
If your wheels are showing wear or have gotten holes in them, then this car has been severely abused and there may be a really serious problem here.

Please reassure us that you replaced three tires, and not three wheels!