2011 Jetta noise

Jetta starts making a noise on the front left side when I turn sharp rights like in parking lots. There is no VW dealer within a 2hr drive. Take it to local auto repair shop. The guy says it’s the wheel bearings on the front left. They replace the part. Costs me $387… take my keys from the guy he says it’s still making a noise… he says I need brakes and rotors all the way around. Says it will cost at least $470 more…

The Jetta makes a different sound originating from the left front than originally still when turning right sharply.

BTW this sound isn’t very loud and is not grinding or popping more of a whoopwhooopwhoooop
Go home take off tire. One lugbolt twists off with fingers. First bad sign.
Rotors on front not pretty but pretty smooth brake pads look brand new. Still really thick no uneven wear.

Go to buy new rotors anyway wth. Do a sharp left u turn to get to auto parts store. Afs/bulb failure pops on. Solid warning light yet all the bulbs are working fine.

Turn car off. Go buy rotors. Ask about light no one knows. Go back out start car. Light is gone… okay that was weird.

Replace rotors anyway so they are nice and shiney lube up the important parts. Put everything back together.
back out of garage stupid bulb light is back on… restart jetta Its off.

Start driving everything sounds fine… parking lot test left turns quiet right turn SAME FREAKING NOISE.

It has never made any noise when driVing straight or on curvy road just sharp right turns.

Could be the right outer CV joint.

It does suspiciously act a CV joint on the fritz. If it makes the noise turning right, probably both left CV joints need a look-see by a good mechanic. Visa versa if it makes the sound turning left. While it is up on the lift they can look at the tire too, as a bad tire can make that sound too. As can a bad wheel bearing. Or a suspension problem.

The ABS light, my guess is that something is wrong with a wheel speed sensor. It may have just not got plugged in quite all the way. Sometimes a wheel bearing replacement involves adjusting the gap between the sensor and the rotating part it senses, so if all the wheel speed sensor connections looks good, maybe that didn’t get adjusted correctly during the bearing job.