2009 Toyota Camry Rubbing/Grinding Issue when Turning


I have a 2009 Toyota Camry with approx 124K miles on it (my daily commute isn’t that great…). Lately I’ve noticed some vibrations or rubbing when I’m turning:

  • There is a constant rubbing/grinding noise when turning. It is more obvious when I turn right. It is definitely coming from the front tires. It does not sound like metal at all. Just like a rubbing noise, that causes a slight vibration up front.
  • When I’m driving straight, at a certain speed, I notice the vibration/rubbing sound, but it eventually blends in with the sound of the road.
  • The ride isn’t bumpy at all, so I don’t think it’s related to the struts.
  • When I pull out of a parking place, turning left, it just feels “loose”, if that makes any sense.

I’ve been searching around online for these symptoms, but it could be a number of things. From what I’ve been reading, it seems to lean towards a bad wheel bearing, or CV issues. Any ideas as to what the problem could be?


Did you happen to just look up into the wheel well to see if maybe your fender liner or a splash shield has come loose and is rubbing when you turn? Other than that, you’ll just have to take it to a shop for a front end evaluation.

Sounds like a loose inner fender liner (plastic shield) or even the front splash shields came loose. There’s only a few dinky plastic clips. Look for loose plastic. If not, it needs up in the air for an inspection. But, based on your description, sounds like a loose plastic shield.

I’m a Toyota tech, and it doesn’t sound like a cv joint. We don’t have problems with those. If it sounds like a groaning noise that gets louder with speed, a wheel beating is possible, but not likely.

“I’m a Toyota tech, and it doesn’t sound like a cv joint. We don’t have problems with those.”

Given that a CV joint is basically a wear and tear item - the boots and internals of the joint will eventually go, I’m wondering whether you can elaborate? Do you exclusively work on fairly new cars? I’m just curious as I’m trying to figure out how a particular car make could be immune from the occasional CV joint issue.

@TiltedTree I have had a plethora of Toyotas…and a couple of CV joint s. ;() Was I paying for something else ?

Based on my experience with a 20 year old Corolla, I’d have to agree with Tilted, as long as the boot is intact, the Toyota CV joints seem pretty tough. OP should ask mechanic to verify the boot condition on all four front CV boots.