Need help with this hood scoop

Going through my dads shop {as he has passed away} trying to figure out what to do with everything, and came across this hood scoop (i think??) he had stored away. Does anyone recognize this? Know the year and car it belongs to? Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Looks like it could be from a late-'70s Firebird Trans Am with the 6.6 liter (400 cid) engine:

Texsases is correct of course. The one in this pic is from a known '77 TA although it can be noted that I installed this one backwards as part of a shaker hood setup.

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Do you guys think I should just scrap it or try and sell it? Dad had it stashed with other old parts that I know he was going to sell.
Thanks again

They look to go for $100 (rough) to $200 (nice) or so on ebay (search for Trans Am hood scoop), if you cleaned and waxed it $200 would seem to be reasonable.

Great thanks for the help !!

It might be fun to find photos of him with his old Trans Am.

That era of TA is becoming more collectible as time goes by and pricing of parts rises with it.
I see that Year One is getting 300 bucks for a reproduction scoop. Ouch.

Yeah, that scoop looks to be in pretty good shape. It’ll bring some bucks in from someone who wants an original part instead of a repop.

The one in the pic by the OP looks to be in great shape and has the rubber seal to boot. A little wax to shine it up and someone looking for an original paint scoop in that color may jump all over it.

If the regular TA scoops are bringing that kind of money I would imagine the original SD455 scoops would bring a lot more.