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GM Engines

A friend is rebuilding a 79 Transam, it has a 403 engine with the oil fill spout at the front. I owned a brand new 1979 Special Edition Smokey and the Bandit Transam. Mine had a 403 Olds. engine but, it had an oil fill spout that twist-locked into the driver side valve cover.

Can you guys explain, so i can explain to my friend that HE does not know it all?

Explain what?

We can all learn to close a discussion without trying to win it. Some won’t; let it go. I don’t know the answer to your question.

Some of us don’t even know what the question is.

Is this the critter? No spout at the front.

While this one does have the spout, so you’re both right!

I had a 403 olds in my 77 toronado. It had its own oil fill spout in the front of the engine. But I have no idea what your question is either.

I think he’s asking if his 403 is the same as the friend’s 403 - an Olds 403. I’d venture to guess that they are.

After looking at those pictures, I thank God the year is now 2009 and we have more advanced equipment. Those images give me the willies. I’m not even sure what the “willies” are, but I got 'em.

I think I’ve got it:

In 1979, you could get a Pontiac 400 or an Olds 403 in the Trans Am.

As near as I can tell, Pontiac 400s have the oil fill on the valve cover, Olds motors have the oil fill on the front.

EDIT: Here’s a good page that tells the difference:

What? I can fix that thing with a box of hand tools and practically sit in the engine compartment while I’m doing it. My new cars require expensive diagnostic equipment, special tools and arms the size of toothpicks to work on them. Although I spent a bit more time on maintenance in those days, it was extremely rare to be facing a $3000 bill for a computerized transmission failure, for example.

Hey, those old willies are worth a fortune these days!

I think they’re the same engines, and that they came both ways, but not sure why. While Pontiacs in those years were built like utter crap, the 403 was a smooth, torquey, reliable engine.