Mid-80's Trans Am -- Good car overall for light errands/travel?


I don’t know if I would like a Trans Am. Never owned a Camaro or Trans Am. I have a neighbor who is selling a clean one (86 model), and I need a second car for some light errands and highway travel.

The car is cool looking, but would it be dependable? comfortable? do these cars ride and drive well? I like the hatchback feature and folding seats … good for light luggage. Your insight/experience appreciated.


The Trans Am is a hot version of a Firebird; like a Z28 compared to a Camaro. It’s a fastback, not a hatchback. There is a little trunk, nut the rear window does not raise. If you want to know whether it is comfortable, take it for a test drive. Gas mileage will be pretty bad, given that it’s got a gargantuan carburetor attached to a large engine.


The car is 20 years old so don’t expect miracles. But it may be fine. Pay your trusty mechanic for a blessing or condemnation before purchase.


My 77 Camaro was the best handling $500.00 car I ever bought,fun to drive.Big car on the outside not so big on the inside. Lots of aftermarket support for these cars


Out of the list from your last post I would have chosen the Trans Am. If it was maintained well of coarse. They are relatively easy and cheap to maintain and there are loads of after market parts and support available. A pretty decent car.


I owned a 77 Camaro many years ago that was a good car and currently have a 79 Camaro.
The 82 and newer are the third generation models and they’re pretty decent vehicles although many of them have been whaled to death by their teenage owners.
My son still has an 88 Camaro that was purchased as a school car and it has served him very well throughout college (which he completed 5 years ago). The car has almost 300k miles on the untouched, original engine and transmission, uses very little oil, and still gets 25+ MPG; and that’s with the V-8 engine.

Dependable? I would say yes.
Comfortable? Pretty good. (far better than the 4th generation models)
Drive well? Yes.
Ride well? Sort of, but a bit stiff on average.
Hope that helps.


My thoughts are, it could be a good investment just because its a good platform. Good affordable platforms for the hobbyist are only going to get harder to come by.


Got any pics of that 79 Camaro?