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72 dodge dart

i recently bought a dodge dart. can anybody tell me what size the nonfunctional stock hood scoops are and a convenient place to buy them. thanks.

These parts are used to create muscle car clones… Reproduction hoods are probably available, but at great cost…Thirty-five year old body parts exist only in your dreams…

I don’t know the size of those scoops at all (assuming you’re referring to the twin scoops) but you might check some of the vendors in Mopar Muscle magazine or contact Texas Acres in Killeen, TX.

You can find Texas Acres on the web and if they don’t have any originals or repops can possibly direct you to someone who does.
Also be aware that original Mopar parts are gold and original scoops or a hood will be pricy.
Seems like I remember reading about a Hemi Cuda shaker hood (without shaker) bringing 8 grand, so ouch.

30 second search there is this,
Sorry I remember earlier darts, and was surprised to see it is a muscle car, 63 Dart I think

If I’d made a similar mistake and needed ANY Dodge Dart parts, I’d start my search with ebay. Also try a WTB (want to buy) on Craig’s list. found a door for my Volare (my mistake) last fall. 35 year old body parts are out there. You just have to hunt for them.

i am referring to the twin scoops and the reason i ask size is because orielys, advance … common parts stores offer about 3 different sizes of these scoops but i think they are for trucks. i was just hopen they would match close enough to add some character to the car.

To be more specific from the link previously posted, like I said 30 second searrch, the interweb is a wonderful thing. Is something like this what you were thinking?

STOP!! PLEASE!! Do NOT destroy the value of your car by adding aftermarket YUK “character” parts… A plain-jane 225 slant six '72 Dart is worth a few bucks just the way it is, no Micky-Mouse hood scoops needed…The value of your car is determined by how much RUST is in the body, not by non-original hood scoops…

A 72 Dart already has character, a 72 Dart with aftermarket hood scoops has a lack of taste,It won’t look appropriate unless you put in a big block and wide wheels and tires.

these are the exact scoops im looking for and i may have just found some on ebay but they are a lil more than i want to pay.

Right you are.

Those cars do look good in a flashy color and that one is a dead ringer for one a good friend of mine used to own.

A few times we would swap cars for the weekend; his Dart for my Roadrunner, with a mutual promise of no tire spinning. :wink:

well thats mine to a T except im missin the scoops. lol.

You won’t find aftermarkets that’ll give you that exact look, you may just have to pay the EBay price for the factory versions. I’d either do that, or nothing, the folks that know Mopars will recognize fakes a mile away. I had a '72 Duster with those factory scoops for about 7 years, thanks for reminding me! Of course, it had a 198 cid slant six, so it was all look, but no ‘go’…

Yes Waterbox, defintely a '63 or '64. In 1965 the band around the back windwow was made much narrower, improving the appearance and the taillight were larger and oval shaped. My 1965 was a top of the line hardtop, complete with those “Ben Hur” fake wheel spinners, and the crummy 13"x700 series tires.

If this was posted by tommy, I have to ask, when when when will you ever learn?

God, would I like to have one of those with a 340…Back in the good old days, a kid in our motor-head group had a forest green one, not an expensive car to buy…it was bone stock, traction bars, cheater slicks. NOBODY could beat him doing “street sprints” (drag racing) My '67 Mustang GT, built 390 had no traction but it would not have mattered, a 440 Challenger, same thing…A REAL tough cookie with a '68 Z28, came the closest but that little Green Dart Stinger 340 had him by two car lengths. We finally found a guy with a 440 Road-Runner, built for this kind of work, that showed the Dart its taillights…But the Dart was STOCK, the Road-Runner was anything but…

So forget the scoops and save your money for a 340 4-speed powertrain. Then you can play with the big dogs…Oh, no “Six-Pack” needed. The single four-barrels ran better… And get / keep the rust out of your trunk…

To get a bit perverted with this, if the car has a slant 6 and you’re looking to do an engine swap you could consider dropping a big block Cadillac in it; 472, 500 cubic inch, etc.

These engines aren’t much larger than a Chevy 350, about the same weight with a few mods, and with some Chrysler paint applied someone could easily think it was a Mopar motor at first glance; mainly due to the front mounted distributor. (at least until the GM HEI cap and pointing the wrong direction soaks in)

If the car is not a 6 banger then I’d stick with whatever is in there. That 340 is a whale of an engine stock; modified it’s even more of a beast.
We had a guy here a few years ago running a 340 Cuda at the strip and he was running low 10s all evening long on a car that he drove there in; license plate, mufflers, and all.

We had a guy here a few years ago running a 340 Cuda at the strip and he was running low 10s all evening long on a car that he drove there in; license plate, mufflers, and all.

That’s the beauty of these engines…The other part that makes them so fast, they are VERY light in weight. Trimming fat is easier (and cheaper) than finding horsepower…

mine has a built 360, TSI 904 3 speed with stage 3 shift kit, and nothin else. she runs mid 9s and is my everyday driver at least until i fix my Nova.