Need help with radio



Yes I will post a pic of it the car is a 02 ford Taurus and the ford dealer told me they would send it out it would cost me $ I’d like to try to figure this out my self if possible.


The radio is 15 years old and was never meant to be repaired in the first place. If it plays the stations you want you can just do nothing. If it annoys you look at the Crutchfield site or Best Buy and just get a new one at a price you can accept.



Agree with Volvo. If it functions, ignore the display.
If you choose to replace there is a special tool-relatively cheap that allows you to pop the entire center section out…I did one on a 98 Explorer, not too difficult. You will need certain adapters to mate an aftermarket radio to the Ford wiring harness. I intitially went to a store with “Free installation”. Then I saw they were charging $50 for several adapters that sold fo $10 at Walmart. So yes I did it myself.