Need help quickly

just bought a '96 volvo 850/glt wagon, and i can not figure out the correct way to open the gas tank??

right now i opened it manually and now it will not close all the way.

any help would be lovely.

Pls clarify what’s wrong. Is the hinge on the gas tank door bent? Is the moving part of the door latch not working and holding? Is your question related to opening the actual gas cap itself. Usually one quarter turn or many or a screw type cap for the others, counterclockwise works.

thank you for your reply.
i am looking for the gas tank release to open the door to the gas tank itself. not the gas cap.

i can not find a door release in the car.

Not familiar with Volvo’s, but look on the left side of the steering wheel, for a lever. Also, look along the left side of driver seat, all along the floor board. Those are the two places where my cars have the openers.

I assume you have no owner’s manual.

have you popped your trunk? there should be something in there you can tug on which should allow you to open the door.

I can not find the truck pop either. I only opened the truck with the key.
I do have a manual, there is nothing in there regarding opening the gas tank door.

From another website, for 1997 Volo 850, if you have the remote locking gas tank door, to manually open the door. Apparently there are some glitches in the electrical. Hope this helps.
You need to access it by removing some of the right rear side panel. You may also be lucky to have that wire showing and all you have to do is pull it. I have had some that I had to take apart because the wire wouldnt work.

oh boy ok thank you. i did not see a wire so may go to the dealer tomorrow. there have been a few electrical issues.
the light in the car only work if i hold the button in and the drivers mirror is not moving well either.
thank you

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