2014 Honda Crosstour - Fuel cap question

How do you open the gas tank filler cap area?

If the procedure in your owners manual does not work something is broken. You need a mechanic to look at it.


Did you just acquire this vehicle ? Is this the first time you have tried to put fuel in it ? By your post it is hard to determine if you have something broken or just don’t know how to open the fuel door.

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Drivers door must be unlocked, push in on the rear area of the fuel door, the door will pop out (like a cabinet door).

On many Hondas there is a small lever you lift down next to the drivers seat. It has a picture of gas nozzle on it.

There is a manual release according to owners groups, page 389 of the manual. Little cover by the 12v outlet in the cargo area.

Hope the above responses help, forgot to cover with my wife how to open the filler door on our recent purchase, she was looking all over hitting buttons looking for a release, just a press to pop open on the filler door, accidentally locked herself out of the car. Spare key fob to the rescue!