HELP! Volvo Gas Door won't Disengage

I’m this close to an empty tank and my gas door is stuck closed. I’ve tried the button on the interior light panel both with the engine on and off, after driving for a bit, and I’ve even called the dealership to no avail. Is there some sort of override switch or latch hidden somewhere in the car?

My 2004 S80 has an emergency release in the trunk. Check the owner’s manual and see if you have one. It may be hidden behind the trunk lining.

Thanks. I did end up taking the rearmost right panel off and then removing two more layers of lining before reaching the back side of the lock mechanism. I simply disengaged it from the back, but there is no emergency release as near as I can tell. I have an '02 XC70 so perhaps the E-release came later? The owners manual says nothing about the possibility of the gas door staying locked. I think I’ll end up removing the lock itself and replacing it. Thanks again.