Broke my petrol and trunk lever

Well this is a bit awkward. Yesterday I was cleaning my toyota corolla gs 2000 model and accidentally stepped on and snapped the petrol and trunk lever beside the driver side seat. I can open the trunk with my key but I have no idea how to open the petrol flap. Please could anyone help out

You might drill a small hole in the remaining handle and put a screw in to allow you to push and pull the lever. This is a temporary fix until you can remove and replace the handle. I’d just use if for opening the gas door and continue using the key for the trunk. There’s no telling how long this temporary fix might work. If you are uncomfortable doing the work, take it to a shop and have the handle replaced.


Some cars have an alternate release lever for the fuel door in the trunk. Could be behind carpeting, right behind where the fuel door would be. I don’t think your car has this but take a look.

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Some of those doors can be opened easily. Scratching the paint is a drawback to using a pocket comb. Remember; never clean a car.

Yeah, that’s what came to mind. The solenoid on my Buick would work intermittently but open the trunk and there is an emergency lever to pop the fuel cover. Might just use a vice grip where the handle was until you replace it.

you can purchase the fuel / trunk levers online.


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64606-02010 - Lever - 1998-2002 Toyota Corolla | OEPartsQuick (

or you can get a used one on EBAY for half the price.

Best advice above, mechanic or you install a replacement part. hmmm … You may need to open the fuel door before you can get that done … hmmm … well, get a flashlight and see if you can spot the cable which attaches to the part above on one end, and the door latch on the other. If you are lucky there me be a spot somewhere along the path with enough clearance you can just tug on that cable w/a pair of pliers to get the fuel door to pop open. I’ve used that technique to open my own Corolla’s stuck hood. I had to use a pair of long-reach surgeon’s forceps type of plier that time.

You can probably get that part above from a wrecked Corolla at your local auto recycler junkyard, or the local Pick and Pull. That’s the most fun way of getting it.