Fuel/gas door stuck

honda civic 2017. The gas door won’t open.

Try this:

Tried this, the 2017 is not made the same.

Is it the higher end model that unlocks when the doors are unlocked? (Or the earlier style, with the trunk/gas lid lever on the floor next to the seat?) If it’s the first, I believe you’ll find the info in your owner’s manual (a lever is in the trunk).

I remember this from a new owner at the gas station… was complaining to the gas station attendant his car did that all the time… wouldn’t open. He was stepping away from the car and, apparently, that locks the lid. (We don’t have self fill.)

More words are better than fewer words. What did you try and what is not the same? Is it cable operated or electric? Was the cable in the cockpit still attached? Did you go to the trunk and try the emergency release-electric or manual? Every car has an emergency door release behind the trim panel in the trunk. Usually just a lever that you pull to release the door. Maybe that’s not the problem and the catch on the door itself is bent and you just have to pry it a little.

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Hi, it is the newer model that unlocks when the door unlock. I did check the owners manual and didn’t nothing on this subject. I’ll take another look. I don’t see any lever in the trunk.

I figured it out. The lever is easily accessible from truck, it just does’t look like what it shows in manual, not even in the same position so I was hesitant to pull on it.

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Ah, sneaky people, those engineers.

That’s good news. I understand the motor on those can fail… but under warranty the dealer can fix it in short order. Let us know?

I did read somewhere there was a release in the trunk, could not find any validating info online or in the manual, Glad you found it.