Need help on 2002 Honda Civic

I am trying to replace my drivers side window on a 2002 honda civic 2 door coupe. I need to remove the inner panel on the door to do this but I am having trouble getting it off. Anyone know of any hidden screws or anything that would prevent it from popping off

Are you using a repair manual? I seem to recall my daughter’s 2001 Civic Hayne’s manual having an “exploded view” assembly drawing of the door showing all the fasteners.

There’s usually screws located in the armrest area, the door handle area, and some may be hidden behind little plastic covers that pop off the panel. Once all the screws are removed, slip a wide blade putty knife or something simular behind the panel at the bottom, and pry on the panel to pop the retaining clips. Then lift the panel off the door.


I have the screw in the armrest out the clips on the bottom popped out but its still stuck any ideas

Does it have electric or manual windows?


Does the speaker grill pop off? Maybe some screws under it.

Also any screws behind the door release handle on the plastic trim piece