Gotta start loving my car

I’ve never been really in luv with her. And I have really treated her badly. But she also has cost me a lot of money and frustrations. I need to repair our relationship and I start with the driver’s side front door speaker.— How do you take the door panel off without ripping out the clips assuming there are clips?

Can answer given model and year. Cars love oil changes and trans fluid changes, maybe even a coolant flush and new brake fluid with new brakes, they care not about speakers, the interweb can supply more info

She may care not if I fix her speaker-voice, But I would be able to listen to her more, if I repair her speaker-voice. That is what we are supposed to do? Isn’t it.?

whats the make and year? if its a ford they tend to have the push in plastics, GM’s tend to have (if I remember right on 90’s) snaps in spots.

She’s a 99 Civic. that Honda literally made by the boatload. She’s a 3 but I could bling her up a little with minor fixes and cosmetics. She needs to see a beautician for her flaking clearcoat.

Well not for sure what models were built the same but I searched and found a removal video on youtube for an 00’, by the looks of it looks like the small plastic push ins are used, you may not have to remove panel to replace speaker.

Could you post a pic?

As for removing the panel with the push in tabs (as I call them) just find them and slowly pull back (not like the people who removed the panel on my Mom’s Taurus using force and bending them). Once you’ve got it down you’ve got it down, just remember if you break one they are only a few bucks at parts store.

As long as you’re replacing the door speakers, get some that come with their own custom speaker covers. That will give you the option of reinstalling the stock speaker covers or leaving them off.

OK. That seems easy. I haven’t done it yet.
So where is the remote door receiver? The remote doesn;t unlock/lock doors. Transmitter does work - at least the carrier frequency works.

Go to a parts store and buy the door panel tool. Its universal and a very good investment. You will use it more than you would think.

Not a screwdriver or mini-wunderbar?

I’ve used flatheads in the past, may do a bit of damage but nothing major. Just gotta learn your ways on it.

The tool, Do you mean the plier type or a tack puller?

OK, I got the plier tool at HF. And another 9LED flashlight, I got two in each car, a few on on my bicycles(3), 4 on the scooter and one in the seat storage, at least 3 at home, 3 at Moms, and 4 at the Beach. One on the dog. What the heck, its free.