Need help Identifying these cars

Hello Everyone I was wondering if you could help me identify these cars?

well i notice that there is no option to add pictures…

If you reply to your own thread, then you can add pictures.

You can post your pic somewhere, then do [ img] link[ /img] no space after the bracket! is this your car?

A BMW convertible on the right, last seen wrecked in the movie “PCU”. What do I win?

One night stay in that car.

Looks like it came from the USSR or East Germany.

It resembles a Saab Sonnet from the '70s, but it is different enough to not be a Saab Sonnet.
Unfortunately, this is the only possible identity that I can come up with.

It has the nose of an Afa Romeo Spider, a very limited volume sports car sold here during the seventies.

No, it’s not an Alfa. Somewhat similar, but no Alfa I know of had that chrome air scoop in the hood, and Alfas had the headlights in the fender, not the hood.

Maybe some kit car from the 60s? Lots of those made, with various bodies for VWs.