Need help finding this part PLEASE!

vin JM1TA222XS1137500 1995 2.3L V6 Called a fuel pump sending unit. Don’t know how to upload a pic. Are there any other car parts compatible with Mazda Millenia? Tried junkyards. Can’t see the original part number, too corroded. Otherwise the car is in beautiful shape. Just need the fuel pump sending unit. Thanks to anyone who can help

The internet is your friend. So is the dealer’s parts department. I’d search Mazda Millenium forums. That is how I’d start. 27 year old cars are hard to find parts for. Good Luck

OK , where have you looked ? A Google search seems to shoe sevearal places that have the sending unit and some that have pump and sending unit together.

Nothing over at Rock Auto? Usually configuration, the sending unit is part of the fuel pump ass’y, but apparently not on this particular car. If nothing found on ebay or other auto parts website, and dealership says “no” (make sure they check the NOS list at other dealerships), about the only options are from a used on from auto-parts recycler, or repairing the currently-failed unit. That might not be as difficult as it sounds. There are general-purpose sender unit rebuilt kits available, and one of those might work fine for rebuilding yours. the third option of course is to just live with it, accept the fuel gauge doesn’t work, and keep the tank filled more often.

Do you have the standard or high power (super charged) engine?

If you’re talking the sending unit for the fuel gauge.


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You can go to rock auto and if they list the part you can click on the info icon and it will show other vehicles that uses that part. It’s a great resource.

I did not see the part on RockAuto, just the fuel pump itself.

Looks like tester is winner winner chicken dinner.

Especially when they never sold in large numbers, and when production was shut down after 7 years.

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