Fuel level sending unit

I am at my wits end trying to find a part for my 2000 Mitsubishi montero sport. My mechanic told me to buy a fuel sending unit with a round front that has 8 to 10 bolts on the front metal part. Every part I see on-line for the correct make and model for my car has a triangular shape front. I actually ordered that part and now i’m stuck with a non refundable part. Does this sound right that I need a round shaped part instead of the triangular one? because its almost impossible to find these old parts.

You really shouldnt have much if any trouble locating the correct part. I am guessing that your sending unit is separate from the fuel pump assy? SOmetimes they are all in one…they suck… I dont understand why your guy told you to find a specific shape o part…There should be ONE CORRECT part for your vehicle. Let me know if you need further help as I can call my supplier and get you a P/N…I can get ANY part for ANY vehicle very fast…as I have accounts with all the major suppliers in my area.

Your mechanic makes you supply your own parts? Why not find a mechanic with a resell license and let them make a buck. This way it’s on the mechanic to get the right part. It’s part of the job.

I have a feeling he’s a shadetree maechanic. Bad economic times leads to decisions like this.

BTW, 2000 is NOT old. There shouldn’t be a problem finding the right part. My 1988 Supra is still easy to find parts for. So is my 1992 Celica.

I looked up the Montero Sport at www.rockauto.com. They didn’t have a sending unit, but did sell the tank seal for it. It is round and has 6 bolt holes. I looked up Fuel level sending unit, and it is triangular with 3 bolts. Curiosity got the better of me. I found a free service manual online, http://carservicemanuals.blogspot.com/2008/06/download-mitsubishi-montero-service.html, and, indeed, this truck has a fuel pump assembly and level sending unit under separate covers.

Determine what you need. What are you trying to fix? If the fuel sending unit is bad, you have the correct part. If the fuel pump cover needs replaced, that is the wrong part. Chances are, you’ll need to get it from the dealer (new) or use a salvaged part in good condition. Other than the pump, a salvaged unit should be fine. There are not other electronic parts, just a wire harness that is easy to check.

Most Vehicle Parts Aren’t Sold By Description, Not Since A Common Part Was A Buggy Whip Bracket. Why Can’t The Correct Numbered Part Be Purchased By Make / Model / Year / VIN ?


Wow!! thank you so much for all the information you provided me with. When I get off work tonight I’ll be checking those helpful websites out.

Thanks Again,