2005 Chrysler Crossfire - Looking to buy

looking to buy a 2005 crossfire converable 28000. what problems do they have. we were told can t find parts to fix not a good idea. would like your opnion before we purchase’

Someone has to buy these so it might as well be you . It is part Mercedes and part Chrysler so it might take time to find parts but if it not your primary transportation so what.

I have a 2005 Hardtop with stick shift 180,000 miles so I can’t comment on convertible to or auto transmission but with regular maintenance it’s been very trouble free.

Maintenance includes oil changes every 6,000 miles (8 quarts Mobil 0-40 and top quality filter), coolant, brake pads (switched to ceramic because of dust buildup on wheels), serpentine belts and pullies and Iridium plugs at 90,000 miles. With basic skills and a $20 marine oil pump from WalMart easy and inexpensive to DIY.

Total repairs were replacement coolant pump (at mechanic) and cabin fan and resistor (DIY) at 100,000 miles. And with hardtops the headliner generally gives up the ghost @ 100,000 miles.

Mechanically these cars were built with parts bin bits from prior generation MB’s so these parts are easily available and reasonably priced BUT the body and interior were unique to this car and production was low so don’t bang it up, though you can find specialty parts recyclers on the web.

And BTW, with a 6 cyl engine, in a light weight car, RWD and wide tires, in any snow these cars wallow like a pig in sh*t so don’t even try it. Call Uber!

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The worst complaints about this vehicule is that the back window falls out.

Not many sold, so you won’t find many folks with experience owning them. Chrysler reliability overall hasn’t been great, but if you really gotta have it, and you get it inspected by a good mechanic that says it’s in good shape, then ok. I’d rather get a Miata, if I fit.

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A friend bought one for his wife, manual transmission. She broke her ankle and would not be able to use a manual transmission due to ongoing ankle issues. They loved the car. 2005 is getting long in the tooth, but if you love it and don’t mind repairs for a 16 year old car go for it.

Responding to texases, owner’s size is certainly a consideration but I think the Miata and Crossfire are actually aimed at different markets, with the Miata being more of a “Traditional British Sports Car” and the Crossfire being more of a “Cafe Racer”.
i.e. If I’m thinking about track events definitely the Miata but on a long cruise, probably the Crossfire.

You can find more info on Crossfires at the owners club https://www.crossfireforum.org/forum/crossfire-coupe/16203-crossfire-owners-club.html

Thank you. We are in New England we won t be driving in snow not our only car. Thanks for your help it was very helpful. We were told they are no good. Piece of s***, exact words.
So my husband wanted it so going today to purchase it
It is a 2005 paying 12 500. With 28000 miles. They wanted 13 500 so he wants it and he will get it. I wanted to be sure I could get in and out. But I can
Thanks again very helpful

That price seems high.

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Curious , just who gave you that negative statement and do they really have any qualifications to make such statement .

Also, don’t even think about one of these if you have long legs. This car has tires and wheels that look like twice the width of the Mercedes coupe they were based on and this makes then slower, worse in the snow and they get worse cas mileage. I do love the look of the hardtop but I could not possibly drive one.

I had a Crossfire roadster as a rental car on a business trip once. The trunk is almost nonexistent with the top down, but I enjoyed driving it. Enjoy it.

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