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2005 Chrysler Crossfire sticky key is costing me $2000

My 2005 Crossfire is in the shop right now with a “sticky key” problem, key in ignition won’t turn. I’m gonna pay $2,000 to have this fixed and new keys made because three parts all needed to be changed. Says this is a common issues.

I have replaced several lock housings because the key won’t turn. The problem was not the lock cylinder. There is linkage inside the steering lock housing that intermittently binds.

I have seen some technicians mistakenly replace the ignition lock cylinder and keys only to find that the lock housing is jammed.

I have actually watched a YouTube video explaining the 3-parts associated with the ignition and why and how it becomes “sticky”. From what Chrysler told me that they are actually replacing three parts and from the video I watched there are three parts associated so I’m hoping that all three parts will be changed.

The video is truly enlightening and it was stated that Mercedes actually “over-thunk” one aspect of it and the video showed the work around to repair the ignition and to save quite a bit of money.

The lock housing is $580 plus 2 hours labor, I replaced several when I worked at a Chrysler dealer.

A friend had a Crossfire with this problem, I helped him remove the lock housing and showed him the sticking steering lock links, he removed the links and re-installed the lock housing, cost him nothing but no longer had a steering lock.

I was told it was gonna be $1000 for the parts and $700 for the labor.

I know in the YouTube video the guy who did the recording had a 2005 Crossfile and he had to pick out a “trap door” and in that held a spring and a key which he removed and at that point the key was able to be turned without no sticking. It showed that it wasn’t the cylinder (tumbler) where the key goes, but back further under the dash where he punched out the area that held the spring/key.

Is there anything that can be done to prevent this from happening? When I purchased the car it only had 28,000 miles and I have had it now for two years with 41,000 miles so was shocked that the ignition would go out so quickly.

Welcome to Chrysler Quality! Where everything you think shouldn’t fail, Does!

Sorry to say we have LOTS of posts from Fiat-Chrysler brands - Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Chrysler, Fiat and Alfa Romeo owners here.

The Chrysler Crossfire is a Mercedes product assembled by Karmann, no Chrysler parts on the vehicle.

I had that problem with one car, not sure if you have a chip key. Got a new key cut using the vin from a dealer, it worked fine, got 2 more and tossed the old keys. $12 each as I recall.

Unfortunately, that seems to be typical of Mercedes designs, and the owners of their vehicles frequently pay a very steep price for repairs, as a result of their overly-complex engineering. That is why many of us on this board advise that owners of German cars sell them after the factory warranty expires.

We do no the have lots or Alfa Romeo complaints. Too new. Wait a year or two, or for the warranty to run out. Then we’ll see more complaints.

I am aware of the fear of owning certain vehicles here, it plays like a broken record.

I am considering buying a Crossfire, there are some nice clean examples for sale.

Crossfire owners seem almost cult-ish. You don’t see them everywhere and those who have them, seem to keep them for a while. You will be joining a rather exclusive club. :slightly_smiling_face:

That is an understatement!
In my neck of the woods, Porsches are very commonplace, I usually see a couple of Maseratis and Bentleys every week, and it isn’t that unusual to see a Ferrari. Last week, I even came upon a late model Rolls-Royce convertible at a regional shopping mall, and last year I even posed next to a late-model McLaren and a Spyker convertible in nearby Princeton.

If you count the four years that they were sold in The US, and even if you include the ensuing 10 years after they ceased production, I have seen… maybe 5 of them… in total… in my area during that 14 year period.
Now that’s exclusive!