Need a good road tar/ tree sap remover

A couple years ago I tossed a can of road-tar remover (actually I took it to our town’s recycling/hazardous waste center) because it didn’t really work. I suspect I’ll need a new can/bottle before I wax my car this weekend (it’s barely dawn now, & there’s moisture outside on the car). What’s an effective road tar/tree sap remover?

Acetone will remove tar/tree sap, but won’t harm the finish.


Check your owner’s manual. Mine lists specific details for bugs and such.

I have been using Turtle Wax Bug & Tar Remover for many years. I think you will like it also. Any good auto store will have it along with some regular retail oulet stores. It leaves a wax type finish also. Solvents like acetone will clean well but it will remove the wax finish on the car also.

I also have had good luck with Turtle Wax B&T.

Make that three votes for Turtle Wax Bug & Tar Remover.

I’ve removed tree sap and tar with WD-40. It didn’t damage the paint.

4 votes now for Turtle Wax B&T Remover. Road tar usually melts off like butter. Some stubborn spots you will have to use some elbow grease and re-apply, but it works.

WD40 on a leather jacket too, for pine sap.

Acetone will remove the wax. Remember to rewax the arae after you remove the tar.