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How do you get sap off your car


I’ve used a product called Goof-Off with a pretty good success rate. Do it sooner rather than later, because once tree sap dries it’s a real pain in the arse to get off.

Tar remover (from your car prodicts store) would probably work, too. If you are worried about paint damage, put some on the underside of the hood and make sure it doesn’t damamge the paint. If it’s sold over the counter in a retail bottle, it should be OK.

Turtle Wax Bug and Tar Remover, make sure you rewax the area after you use the remover.

Ed B

Can you buy this product at an auto store?

Have you used this product before for sap removal?

I’ve been using it for tar and sap removal for 25 years. However for small amounts of sap, I use Maguairs Cleaner wax. It just takes a little longer to dissolve the residue. I wouldn’t suggest anything I wouldn’t do to my own car.

Ed B.

Acetone should also work; available at Wal Mart, Lowes, etc.

I’ve used acetone on a 1998 Buick without damaging th paint, but I wiped it on and off quickly. Do not let acetone sit on the rubber parts. It will aggresively attack them. A little rub is OK, but it will immediately turn the towel black.

I have always had good luck with IPA, AKA Isopropyl Alcohol.

goof off is really strong stuff, surprosed it doesn’t damage tha paint.

in regards to acetone, make sure you use a white rag, to apply, if you use a coloured rag, you will be adding color to your car…