What are some effective solutions for dealing with tree sap on your car


I’m seeking advice on how to handle tree sap dropping on my car, whether at home or work. It’s challenging to remove, and I’ve tried bug and tar remover to no avail. The only effective way I’ve found is soaking the car for a long time, which is quite tedious. To avoid this hassle, I’ve resorted to putting a car cover on whenever I park near trees, but I’m worried that taking it on and off every day may cause scratches.

Do you have any suggestions on how I can address this problem effectively? I’d appreciate any insights you might have.

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Isopropyl alcohol works best. Resist the urge to rub hard. Here is a story that may help you. 3 Ways To Safely Remove Tree Sap From Your Car With Stuff You Already Have At Home | Torque News


Ceramic coating maybe…

If John’s suggests do not work, I had an unknown goo I my car. Above methods did not work. I ended up using an ammonia based general purpose spray and a microfiber cloth. That remove the goo, I immediately rinsed of the area and waxed the area. Did not hurt the clear coat.

Some trees are worse than others. I don’t have that problem much anymore. A good coat of wax twice a year and a clay bar to clean the surface first. Also use car wash solution in a bucket when washing the car.

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Once removed I would suggest putting some sort of protectant on the vehicle. I have been using Turtle Wax hybrid solutions ceramic spray wax. it goes on and off really easy. just spray on and wipe evenly on a panel and then wipe right off.
It is supposed to last up to a year. I would suggest reapplying every 6-8 months.
here in Florida with all the pollen and our well water sprinkler system leaving spots. I just have to rinse the car, blow the heavy water drops off. And then I wipe the car off with a waffle weave microfiber towel. I am still amazed how I can finish drying the whole car with one waffle weave microfiber towel.

Ok, the only turtle wax product I use is the bug remover because it doesn’t take the wax off. I use mainly meguire products twice a year. First mothers clay bar. Then machine polish with swirl remover or similar. The megs synthetic sealant, and finally megs wax. Bucket wash with megs car wash. Paint is smooth as silk and glossy.

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Mothers and Mequires are both good products. I have used them both. I decided to try the ceramic spray. seems to work good so far. seems to make removing the dirt easier. when i want to really wash my car I use a foam cannon with a pressure washer. My car looks like it is covered in snow in Florida :smiley:
But since using the ceramic spray I do not have to use it that much. just been rinsing, drying and once in a while using there 3 in 1 detailer.

And, unlike the OP’s experience, I have had no problem removing tree sap with that product. Perhaps the trees are different in the OP’s area.

That, plus garaging the car for much of the time keeps it looking good.
Just before I traded-in my 2011 Outback, my letter carrier lady saw my car–apparently for the first time–and she asked “When did you get a new car?”.
When I told her that it was 11 years old, she didn’t believe me until I showed her my registration.

What are some effective solutions for dealing with tree sap on your car

Very effective solution.

Once I get sap on my car (or just about any sticky substance; gum, tar…), I use mineral spirits to remove it.

The real trick is to make sure the waxed BEFORE this happens.

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