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Naming our new to us/2004 Emerald Honda Pilot

What should we name our car? We travel with our tent trailer pop up with it. Just got back from BRYCE CANYON.

How About “2004 Emerald Honda Pilot With Tent Trailer Pop Up”? It Says A Mouthful!


How about The Green Hornet?

“The Big Green Odyessy”

I should add that I was being a little facetious, the Pilot is essentially a glorified Odyssey minivan, they are mechanically very similar and share the same platform.

Thanks just trying to call iut something as we climb in.

We like it! It’s in the running. It’s on its way to a job interview right now, but will go laser tagging and fishing this weekend.

A Boston Red Sox fan would name it “The Green Monster”.

You’re Starting To Creep Me Out A Little.

I’ll go along for a moment. Did it go to college? What kind of fish does he/she/it like?

What else do you name besides your cars?


If it were mine I’d probably just call it “the Pilot”; I’m also intrigued that yours is on its way to a job interview–if the car can earn you some extra money so much the better!!!

i’m not taking that advice!

Emerald City was in Oz. Ozzie isn’t bad. Ira (from Miss Peach, the comic strip) wanted Kelley School to use green as the team color. He was praised for suggesting something so appropriate to the name of the school. When asked to name the team, he suggested The Crimson Tide.

I think Bryce is nice.

If you’re living in the South, why not “Green-Go”. The Latinos will love it.
In college I had a billious green metallic Chevy which got nicknamed the “Green Hornet”, mostly because of the way I drove it.

At that time I also had a casting reel made in Wisconsin (forgot the manufacturer) which was called the “Green Hornet”.

P.S. The casting reel manufacturer was Altoona, I believe.

Possibly Neenah?

I’m with " common sense answer"…how about calling it a Honda Pilot. Geeze…it’s a car; and it’s not going to roll over, sit up and beg regardless of what you call it. I can’t relate. Sorry for the rant.

I bet at the first sign of car trouble, the “name” will quickly be a little more practical. Like, that piece of “s…t” !