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Name Tommy's 1952 MG TD

What’s your suggestion?

how about old smokey

One look into this dame’s crystaline eyes and you hear her name whispered–breathy and hushed… “Tear Drop.”

  1. Look ma, no _____!
  2. Dodge Dart
  3. Bond, James Bond

Take your pick, they’re all free!

Carmen for the color, or Electra in honor of the Lucas electrics.

Not sure about the full name.

But with respect to the car’s diminutive dimensions and from my experiences with MGs it really should start with ‘Little’.

i.e. "You awkward ‘Little’ - ".

Occasionally the name may also translate to “you Little Beauty”, this term is reserved of course for those few brief miles that the car is running well. Always a warning of impending catastrophic mechanical failure.


Carl… Yeah, he’s a Carl. Take a look at those headlights… that grill. Definitely a guy!

And look at him. He’s simply and straightforward. There are no extra do-dads or wings, sweeping/flowing lines or silly frills. His name should reflect that… short and to the point. “Bartholomew” or even “Douglas” are completely out of character. “Bob” may be shorter but it is too “cartoony”. No, Carl is strictly business.

MG could be a sort of monogram for “Magoo”. Mr. Magoo.

I agree with Carmen Electra, but for a different reason…As soon as the top comes off all you can see is a couple of T-ts. Sorry Guys, love the show which I podcast every week.

C’mon folks . . . the name has gotta sound British!

James Bondo ?

Not really a british name but 'Brittany would be good. Doesn’t sound good or perform well consistantly but looks great when the top comes off.

Not any more apparently if recent events are to be judged.

The softtop is sagging and the bottom end is shot.

Well, MG actually stands for Morris Garages (look it up if you don’t believe me!), so how about Sir Morris?


Definitely needs a proper British name.

Sir Jonathon
Sir Winston
Lord Richard

You get the drift!!!

Tojo fits.

“Tear Drop”! It recalls many a nostalgic breakdown. It scans like “Rosebud” (rf: Orson Welles) thus recalling another crimson beauty. And, yes, VDCdriver, the MG was manufactured by Morris Garages–so give me a break here.

Nemo. Looks a bit like a fish. Or Grommit.