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Name that gadget!

While recently in Croatia I spotted this at a highway convenience store:

Appears to be some device claimed to save fuel. Gives it swirl as you fill up?
However, no English on the package.
This kind of thing is bound to happen with gas/diesel at $5-7 a gallon.

Yeah, since gasoline remains totally un-agitated in the gas tank (not!), swirling the gas as it enters the tank will really make a world of difference in your gas mileage. (sarcasm intentional)

I guess it just helps to prove that consumers worldwide will believe almost anything–if they want to believe it.

As to a name for it…how about…Swirl-a-Scam?

Actually, I don’t think that’s what it is. It’s a cheapo universal gas cap. The “fan blades” flex against the inside of the filler tube to hold it in place.

You are right jesmed its a gas cap. He is a link to one I found on E-Bay

Gee, everyone should have a couple in their trunk for when they forget their gas cap or lose it. I’m still waiting to lose my first one after 50 years but its bound to happen. After all they have sold 40 of them already. Probably made in China so the quality is assured.

Oh, if you lose your gas cap just stick a rag in the hole like so many others do.

NO! I’m only joking! Don’t do this!

I used to carry two spare gas caps, but I gave one to my ex-girlfriend and had to use the other when I lost mine.

It’s probably original equipment for the Zastava Koral.

Or just buy one of the recent Fords that doesn’t even have a gas cap. Anyone have experience with this capless system? Curious how hard it is to insert the nozzle.

I’m not suggesting that the automotive arts and the beer arts should ever meet, but that gadget looks like it could double as a growler beer bottle stopper in a pinch.