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Stant's Fill Thru gas cap

I tried STANT’S fill thru gas cap this week and had to return it because when I inserted the nozzle into the cap and started pumping gas it kept shutting off. Tried three different gas stations in case it was a bad nozzle with the same result. Anyone ever hear of this problem with STANT’S fill thru gas cap?

If removing a gas cap in order to fill the tank, and then replacing the cap after filling the tank was a really difficult task, I could understand the urge to buy a “gimmick” like this. However, since removing and replacing the gas cap is about as effortless a task as someone would do in an entire day, I can’t understand why anyone would feel the need for this product.

Just stick with what you have, and if the original cap is defective, get a genuine OEM replacement, rather than any aftermarket brand of gas cap.

I’ve been looking at new Ford Fusions & was surprised to find a similiar setup on their gas fill.

Theres no cap at all, only a flapper valve. Hopefully it works better than this Stant.

Hi, 87_Ranger. I forgot to get back to this thread. Had I done so I would have checked out that Fusion filler set up back then. Sounds like a very good set up whereby there would be no chance of leaving the gas cap loose and getting an engine light. It’s sad new innovations worry some drivers.

I had never heard of this product until I opened this thread. I must agree with VDCdriver that such a product is nothing but a gimmick that benefits very few people. For those who are still interested, here are some reviews:

As you can see, few buyers have anything good to say about the Stant’s gas cap.

This cap is a gimmick. I bought a vehicle recently that had one and it was gone the first time I stopped to fill up. It now resides in a bunch of tall weeds somewhere in Ohio.

Virtually ALL the new Ford product vehicles have no gas cap…You just shove the nozzle in…Seems to work fine…

The operative work there is “For Now”. What about 5-10 years from now…how will it be working???

Yeah, they work great on the Fords. You just shove the siphon tube right in there and. .

On the new Fords, the fuel door doubles as the gas cap. It still locks and it works just fine. The product the OP mentions is nothing like what Ford has adopted, which is as secure as what most people have now in vehicles that have a lever to pull or a button to push inside the car to open the fuel door.

Actually, the fuel door doesn’t lock or latch. It’s just held closed with a spring. You open it from the outside. The spring valve in the filler neck has 2 latches which respond only to something that is the standard diameter of a gas pump nozzle. So, you stick something that’s the standard diameter of a pump nozzle in there, and then run a tube down the middle of that to siphon the gas.

This is why Ford now sells, for 25 bucks, a locking filler neck plug to prevent siphoning. Of course, this eliminates the point of the fill-thru system, and is less convenient than the “old fashioned” method of having a latched gas door that has to be released from the inside.

The other fun problem with this system is that you can’t use a gas can to fill the car up if you run out of gas. You have to stick a special funnel in there, and then pour the gas through the funnel. And then you store the funnel back where you got it, under the rear floor. So now you have gas stinking up your car.

It’s one of those innovations that seems cool at first blush, but then you realize all the new problems it introduces that didn’t exist with the old systems.

"And then you store the funnel back where you got it, under the rear floor. So now you have gas stinking up your car.

Ford has discontinued trunks?

“Under the rear floor”? There’s so much I don’t know.

If you have an SUV–as a great many folks do–there is no trunk.
Perhaps Shadowfax has an SUV.

My personal vehicles are all cars, but we have a fleet of Escapes at work.

And BTW, you’d still get the smell if you put the funnel in the trunk, because trunks generally have passthroughs to the passenger cabin so you can haul long objects.

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