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More gas-saving devices

A news channel gets it WRONG yet again. The ‘Tornado’ has been carefully tested several time and found to be WORTHLESS. What a waste!

The “Tornado” has been scamming people out of money for over 40 years. I once found one underneath a carburetor on a GTO. The fan was totally locked up and was blocking the intake. I bought it dirt cheap because the owner had no idea it was there. He thought the engine was toast. About 15 minutes later I was burning rubber in the parking lot.

The Tornado is not worthless. It makes an indecent living for the manufacturers. At least their test mechanic came up with the usual list of fuel saving tips as better and less expensive alternatives.

Yet another reason I’ve pretty much given up on TV news. It’s all garbage. One would think that a journalist (word used loosely) would investigate the product before cluttering up the airwaves promoting it.

I’ve often wondered if the TV stations aren’t paid by the makers of devices like this to run this bunk and make it seem like news when it reality it’s a short infomercial.
The same could be said for various other products and services that appear on the news.

Cow magnets strapped to the gas line are cheaper. Plus when you find out they don’t work, they make great magnets for the tool chest. I’ve had mine since about 1976.

Completely worthless. And their so called “test” is utter garbage. To actually test this, they’d need to do a before and after with the same vehicle and to replicate the exact driving conditions down to the barometric pressure, wind speed, and always the same brand of gas. Perhaps one for the Mythbusters. At least they practice good science in their measurements, while a news team can only be trusted for hair styling advice.

A bauble hanging from the rear view mirror can be used to greatly improve fuel mileage and safety as well. Keeping the dangling gizmo vertical and still, never moving excessively to any direction will for sure improve all aspects of driving.

Oh gosh, here we go again.

Controlled turbulance of the fuel entering the combustion chamber is a known asset to complete fuel combustion…and as such is designed into the port and combustion chamber design. Has been for decades. The makers of the Tornado have taken a valid design principle and misapplied it to their gimmick device. The tornado has zero effect on what happens in the combustion chamber. It’s a scam. Always was.

The Tornado has no more effect on turbulance in your combustion chambers than putting a streamlined breadbox in your trunk would have on your car’s aerodynamics.

A rear spoiler, on the other hand…
(just kidding guys).

I’ll sell a brick and a couple masonry screws to anyone willing to buy them from me. Instructions are you MUST install the brick under the gas pedal for full effect

This is what passes for “news” nowadays…Infomercials pitching worthless products…

At least the news program did say it was unscientific.

There may be situations under a very narrow range of controlled conditions that a couple of these devices MIGHT give you a marginal increase in gas mileage. But none have done anything close to what they actually say they do.