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Have you heard of a fuel saving device

that ?pulls apart? or ?polarizes? the elements of gasoline before it enters the catalytic converter thus making the fuel burn more efficiently and reducing the carbon foot print. He is claiming that he is getting between 10-20 percent gas savings on the cars he has tested them on, the carbon foot print is reduced and there are no needs for ?tune ups? because the gas burns more cleanly.

Scam! There is no need to elaborate further.

The “scientific” theory behind this device is pure BS, rather than science.

This scam device has actually been around for quite a few years, snaring naive people who somehow believe the incredible claims for it. The only new thing about the device is the addition of new buzz-words like “carbon footprint”, in order to make it sound new and relevant.

If you are intent on buying this device, please contact me, because I own a bridge that connects Brooklyn and Manhattan, and would be willing to sell it to you for a very low price.
I really own it.
Would I lie to you?

Yes, whatever “it” is, I’ve heard of it. And it’s a scam.

The good news is that of you’re driving a modern car you already have a large amount of fuel saving devices and technology under the hood. manufacturers spend countless tens of millions of dollars trying to tweak every extra mile per gallon they can out of every single powertrain. They’ve instituted computer controlled multiport injection (even direct injection on some new designs) that finely tunes the exact amount of gas needed and ONLY that amount, variable valve timing, aerodynamics, rolling resistance, and even tweaked transmission characteristics to get the best mileage. They’ve even created hybrids.

The only thing the designers cannot tweak is the nut behind the steering wheel.

In summary, there are countless magic devices to improve gas mileage, and they’re already designed into your car. The gimmicks to which you refer do nothing but take your money.

These scam devices generally do ‘work’ for a while thanks to the placebo effect and the helpful guide to ‘get the most gas mileage out of your new fuel line magnet’ or something like that. The guide usually advises the consumer to drive the speed limit, avoid jackrabbit starts, cut idle time, plan starts, stops, and commutes to minimize drive and idle time, and other common sense tactics. This will often influence the driving habits of the consumer who bought the device and will often show an appreciable gain in the gas mileage of their car. The only problem is that it is not the device helping them, it is their improved driving habits. That is most likely why this person is claiming that it works.

I forgot to mention one thing…he tells us that there is no need for tune ups or spark plug changes either. Does that figure into the equation?

Yup, that figures into the equation. Or, perhaps more accurately, into the sales pitch. It emphasizes how much of a scam this is.

Does he say it cures rosetia also?

When it sounds too good to be true, it is too good to be true. This is NOT True. Sounds good, people buy and he makes money.

Most of these “fuel savers” rely on placebo effect. You want better mileage, you put it on the car and drive with an attitude to improve mileage and therefore accelerate gently, coast more, and reduce speeds. The new owner’s feel they are getting better mileage and they are; not because of the device but because of better driving habits. Once they stop checking mpg and return to old habits the devices do not good and sometimes mpg is actually a bit worse.

Save your money. Tune up your car, blow up the tires to the right pressure, and slow down. That’s the way to improve your mpg.

A Friend Tried Something Like This And It Ruined A Set Of Muffler Bearings In Short Order.

Besides, his wife was angry because he still left carbon foot prints in the living room.


Did he remember to change the air in his muffler before installation?

Remember the gizmo the spiralled the air intake into a “powerful Vortex” of air - improving airflow with amazing increases in power, efficiency, and miles per gallon?

Cost about a buck to make, another dollar to package, a couple of bucks to ship, and about $30 for the advertising. Good profit and poor results.

Pure Scam.

Yes, Mark; I just watched one of those exercise gadgets featured on TV that would make you lose weight quickly. It comes with a diet & lifestyle book to help you along. If you do what’s in the book and use the machine, you will lose weight, guaranteed. It’s really about cutting out the fat and junk food, not the exercise, that makes it work.

"that ?pulls apart? or ?polarizes? the elements of gasoline before it enters the catalytic converter thus making the fuel burn more efficiently and reducing the carbon foot print. "

Not only is it a scam, it’s a scam by an idiot: “…before it enters the catalytic converter…” means AFTER it’s been burnt in the combustion chamber. Nothing you do to the exhaust could possibly increase mpgs!

I guess they aren’t counting on naive purchasers asking those questions…if it’s after combustion, it’s too late, if it’s before, it alters the chemical make up of a fuel the motor was designed to run on.

Does ANYONE who buys this stuff know when you get to changing “chemical elements” from one to another you want you’re getting to the level of needing one big/expensive piece of equipment, lots of time, luck or divine intervention.
And we thought cars were getting too complicated already…they now come with particle accelerators and nuclear reactors…to do it on demand and quickly enough to save a few mpgs.

I think the actual sales pitch is that it pulls apart and/or polarizes the elements of the gasoline before it enters the combustion chamber. That’s what I keep seeing in the various ads over and over.

So, we can pull it apart, magnetize it, polarize it, spin it into a frenzy, and even add water. If we do all that together we should get 1,000 mpg!

If we use two of the devices, will that add fuel to the tank?


?polarizes? the elements of gasoline before it enters the catalytic converter "

hehehe, that’s funny. If you have gasoline entering the catalytic converter, you got problems. You know, since the cat is part of the exhaust system and is downstream of actual combustion proccess.

Watch your step, the BS is pretty deep.

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Where do you find the ads?