Mystery ailment

I have a 95 Chrysler Sebring 2.5L V6 SOHC. The car will cut off driving at speeds from a crawl to 70 mph. It will restart itself just as quickly unless at a stoplight or very slow speeds. Sometimes the check engine light will come on but restarting will cause the light to go off. It has been taken to dealer no luck. I took it to a parts house with a machine and it was checked and no reading (error message). I inherited the car and my car died (transmission) so I would like to get it corrected if possible. This would help me in not buying a car in this market.

My first guess is you have an electrical gremlin cutting power to the ECM intermittently. This is why your not getting a Trouble Code. However, most electrical problems are hard to diagnose and locate. I’m guessing this, because a friend had a similar problem, and we just happened to stumble onto the answer when replacing the starter. He had fusible links that had partially melted, and were causing the intermittent power losses.

In your case, it could be problems with the ignition switch, fusible links, fuses, or any number of electrical connectors under the hood or under the dash. There simply is no easy or quick way to find and fix it without some luck.

Thank you, will pass this on to the mechanic who is helping me.

The first hurdle in finding what causes an intermittent stall is to determine what system (fuel supply, fuel injectors, or ignition (spark)) the fault is in. All shops aren’t the same in equipment, skill, knowledge, etc. Here is a tool which can help a mechanic to find intermittent problems, such as yours.
Call around, and ask, “Does your shop have the troubleshooting tester, called What Quits First? (I’m not kidding on the name)”? If they answer with a, "Huh?, try another shop. When you find a shop which does have the diagnostic instrument What Quits First?, make an appointment…for, at least, the diagnostic use of that instrument. You could take it from there.

Thank you will try this.