Car starts intermittently

Let me tell you a story ‘bout my daughter’s 2008 Chrysler Sebring 2.4L…

We have owned the car since 2009. Recently the car has begun to start intermittently. Generally it starts normally. Other times it won’t. It can be driven for a month with no problem and then BAM! It won’t start. No dead battery sound, no clicking, no starter trying to engage NUTT’N!

AND… the brake pedal is firm! The brake pedal is firm and cannot be pushed down!

The car has been to the Dodge dealer several times. They have replaced the starter because a couple of teeth were missing, flashed the computer and replaced the alternator. The car started fine for a few days and then wouldn’t start again.

The Dodge boys kept the car for a week and of course, it started fine while they had it. One of the service managers told me to pull out a certain fuse to reset the computer. They also told me that they usually see these types of problems if the car was jump started wrong (the jumper cables were hooked up backwards I guess).

They even called the big boys in Detroit and they didn’t have an answer.

Can you help? Should I trade the car in and make it someone else’s problem?

Is this a manual or automatic transmission?

If automatic, when you get nutt’n - has anyone ever tried to put it in neutral and then start it? If manual, has anyone given the clutch safety switch a good look?

The missing teeth on the starter thing sounds a little weird. Was that supposed to have been related to this or was this just a whole other repair situation?

Sounds to me like some option you’re not aware of? Like a security lock out device… being the brake pedal. This is a keyless entry system, right?

Just thinking the only other situation may be that when parking the wheels are turned that the direction is // too far left or right and the steering column can’t disengage. That would explain the brake pedal lock up, too.

Has anyone checked for missing teeth on the starter as well as the flywheel?

It is an automatic. Yes it has a keyless door unlock. If it has a security lock out device, it must be factory installed. We didn’t install one. In another column, I read something about a security system problem. I’ll call the dealer on Monday and see what they say. Thank you